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Who is Joshua P. Scallan?

By Joshua • Blogs • 20 Jun 2011



It is my intent with this site to better convey to someone that has never met me, who Joshua P. Scallan is; think of it as a reader friendly ice-breaker. I also hope to give you a better image of the type of young business professional that I am as well as the person I have become and how they can help your business, whatever type of business it may be!

After graduating LSU in 2005 I continued to work at the Country Club of Louisiana, until I stumbled upon a small start-up electric vehicle company that was looking for dealers and distributors of their products, called Ruff & Tuff Electric Vehicles.  Seeing as how I had worked as a cart boy at the Country Club of Louisiana for 4 years, I was familiar with “golf carts” and how these Ruff & Tuff’s were exceptionally better than their competitors, from power, to performance, and even to price!  The day I discovered RTEV’s, I began writing a business plan to receive financing to start my own distribution center in Dallas for these vehicles.  I began working at the Ruff & Tuff retail store in Baton Rouge to learn more of the day to day procedures, while still putting in 40+ hours a week at the Country Club!

As luck would have it Donnie Jarreau, (a member of the CCL) whom I knew fairly well, purchased the Ruff & Tuff distribution rights to Texas, Arkansas, and Oklahoma!  Donnie hired me as the operations manager of this start up distribution center where I was the only employee, which gave me the opportunity to learn every step of the Ruff & Tuff process from manufacturer to Distributor then to Dealer and finally to the end user; it taught me the real meat and potatoes of business that my prior schooling hadn’t covered!   As a 1 man staff, I was thrust into the start-up business world, where I had to think and respond promptly in order get the job done.  I am very glad that I was a 1 man staff.  I for the most part made all of the day to day business decisions, so I was able to learn even more of the information about business that college can’t quite prepare you for.  By being in charge of both  our distribution company as well as our local retail and service outlet in Texarkana, called Performance Carts,….


Navigating through this website is easy, each square displays different employers I have worked professionally for through the years and what skills I have gained from them.



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