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Country Club Of Louisiana

By Joshua • Blogs • 20 Jun 2011

        August 1, 1996       

My tenure at the Country Club of Louisiana began late summer of 1996 where I was a freshman at Bishop Sullivan High School.  I saw an ad in the classifieds,  where the CCL was looking for a Golf Cart and Bagroom manager.  I called them, set up an interview and showed them my interest in the position by calling them every day after our interview and asking if they had filled the position yet or not.  The CCL Golf Professional Frank Gumpert told me that they weren’t interested in hiring any other high school kids, because of the unreliable nature of past H.S. employees, but since I was so persistent they were willing to take a chance and hire me!  I was so excited to start working!

Bag room Manager/ Golf Cart Attendant

This link shows a picture of Golf Pro Shop at the Country Club of Louisiana.


My job as Golf Cart and Bagroom Manager showed me what responsibility and hard work was; it also gave me the chance to learn more about the importance of punctuality, communication, problem solving and numerous other qualities that remain with me throughout my life, essentially defining the work ethic that I employ quite often today.

I was a Golf Cart and Bagroom manager for 4 years, until I transferred into the Men’s Locker Room, where I had various duties, but mainly I was a server and bartender.

I was able to learn how to set-up, run, and close out numerous tournaments that were held at the CCLA, giving me experience in making decisions under pressure and time constraints. Notable events/ tournaments that CCLA annually held were:

NCAA Men’s Intercollegiate Golf Championship

Dreams Come True Annual Golf Tournament

Men’s Locker Room Manager/ Bartender

This link shows you a picture of the Men’s Locker Room at the Country Club of Louisiana:





This job position was completely different than anything I had done in my first 4 years of tenure at the Country Club.  In the Locker Room I was able get to know the members on a much deeper level and they too got to know me better too. Keep in mind, by this time I was now enrolled at LSU taking 15 hours of classes as well as working 40 hours per week to pay for school!  In the Locker Room, I began to learn more of the business side of the Country Club.  For example, I did did monthly inventory checks, placed orders for various products, researched the club’s spending habits, and was able to locate cost-cutting areas that saved the club money.    The Men’s locker room was a restaurant/ bar where only male members could come to watch football, play cards, eat, drink and entertain businessmen in a very enjoyable setting.  The “19th” hole is a nickname for the men’s locker room, and it is where all the golfers in a tournament or for regular play would go after they finish their round of golf to settle up bets and have a couple cocktails. After a tournament would finish, roughly 120 golfers would report to the 19th hole to turn in their scorecards and converse with other players about their round.  As you can imagine, it was usually a pretty stressful and chaotic time for the staff on duty, but my experience with working tournaments and serving the members allowed me tackle any issues that unexpectedly arose, helping me to become a better leader and team player with other coworkers.



Picture of the Men’s Locker Room

After a tournament ends:

After a tournament ends




CCLA 18th holeLocker Room

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