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Retail Store in Texarkana

By Joshua • Blogs • 20 Jun 2011

Below are pictures of a golf cart service and retail store formerly known as Texarkana Golf Carts; which DJC purchased for roughly $70,000.00.  We were going to use this business to distribute vehicles to Texarkana directly and act as a Dealer/Distributor Company.  Two totally separate companies, under one roof in a sense.



Performance Carts original location signage

Performance Carts LLC specialized in the sales of new and used golf carts, as well as a service shop for all types of golf carts.  This company was opened in order to sell our Ruff & Tuff Electric Vehicles locally in Texarkana and surrounding areas.  We established corporate service and rental contracts with companies such as Lear Sigler, International Paper, and the Red River Army Depot.


Performance Carts showroom picture.


We were able to sell roughly 200 Ruff & Tuff vehicles in the 3 years that I was stationed in Texarkana, which we received Ruff & Tuff Dealer of the year in 2008.  This business gave me the opportunity to learn how to generate sales by advertising through local mediums such as newspapers, television ads, and radio plugs.  We also frequently attended trade shows and conventions in Dallas where we set up a booth and displayed a few Ruff & Tuff’s, which helped me improve my communication and sales skills with customers of various backgrounds.


Performance Carts showroom picture #2

We serviced brands such as EZGO, Club Car, and Yamaha golf carts along with the Ruff & Tuff vehicle line.  This business was very limited with its budget, so there was me, my sales manager and our mechanic that we would call when we received a cart needing service work.  During the “slow season” or winter, we relied heavily on our golf carts that were being leased by local large companies.  We also had a few service contracts with surrounding companies, where if they had a cart break down, we would make a service call and send them a bill.

Performance Carts showroom picture #3



Accessories displayed in showroom of Performance Carts.


Accessories displayed in showroom of Performance Carts #2.


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