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Donnie Jarreau Construction

By Joshua • Blogs • 20 Jun 2011

August 1, 2006

     Fresh out of college, I was still working for the Country Club of Louisiana and like any other graduate, I did not have a clue about what I could see myself doing for the rest of my life. One day in a meeting with Charles Hebert, the VP of Ruff and Tuff, who was trying to set up distributors and dealers across the country, I was shown the Ruff & Tuff Vehicle and was allowed to test drive one. Being a cart boy at the CCL for 4 years gave me a familiarity with the performance of a wide array of golf carts along with the many issues and headaches that these golf carts brought to their owners.  It wasn’t until I test drove a 2006 RT Cruiser, that I had my AH HA moment, where I thought to myself “man I can totally see myself doing this for the rest of my life!”  From that point on, I began volunteering at Ruff & Tuff in order to learn the in’s and outs of the business, while I worked on a business plan, to receive a Small Business Loan and set up a distribution center in Dallas, Texas.  Did I mention, that I was still working 40+ hrs a week at CCL?

I was inspired by the potential that Ruff & Tuff had as a start-up company, I loved the product wholly, and was confident that I was apart of something that was soon to be huge!  A few months go by when I was told that Donnie Jarreau,(ironically a member at the CCL that I knew fairly well) along with a few partners were going to purchase the distribution rights for Oklahoma, Texas and Arkansas.  When they purchased the distribution rights, they hired me to run their operation, that was going to be based out of Texarkana, Arkansas!

  November 19, 2005  

     Below are pictures of the first warehouse which R.C.D. Holdings chose to set up their Ruff & Tuff Electric Vehicle Distribution Center, located in Texarkana, Arkansas.  The pictures show how I transformed an empty warehouse into an organized distribution center for Ruff & Tuff Electric vehicles that we shipped out along with their many components, and various aftermarket accessories which also were shipped out from this location.

First location of RCD Holdings Ruff & Tuff Electric Vehicle Distribution Center, located in Texarkana Arkansas.


View from opposite side of warehouse entry.


Empty warehouse pictures.


Empty office room picture at warehouse.


Pallets of components and accessories for the vehicles on our first shipment of vehicles we received.


Pallets of components and accessories


Accessories begin to get sorted and grouped together in order to more accurately keep track of an items availability;


This picture begins to show the organization that I began to establish with our distribution center.


Accessories for our vehicles have been identified, organized, labeled and inventoried,


Accessories for our vehicles have been identified, organized, labeled and inventoried #2.


I built this tire rack in order to eliminate the pallets of tires that previous pictures showed, in order to utilize my limited space, in the most efficient manner possible.


I made a file for each vehicle that RCD purchased and sold!


Vehicle parts


Chart I created to keep track of which units were still in our warehouse, and on the ground ready to be built or sold.

     The pictures below show our warehouse once we had received our first few loads of EV’s, along with their various standard components (i.e. roofs, tires, battery chargers, hardware, etc.)

Our first container(s) of vehicles arrived totaling 85 units or roughly $90,000.00 of inventory!


Vehicles that I fork lifted down from their stacks, assembled, and invoiced to dealers that had purchased the units.


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